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I would like to thank the members of the Korean Society of Clinical Microbiology and the visitors for their interest in our society.

The Korean Society for Clinical Microbiology (KSCM) has been steadily developing with the dedication of its predecessors, including the former president and chairperson. Our valuable achievements must be sustained and further developed. With the growing importance of diagnosis in the medical field, the role of clinical microbiology is more demanding. Among the COVID-19 pandemic, KSCM is on a mission to empower clinical microbiology to build national diagnostic capabilities.

The KSCM holds academic events so that members can acquire the latest knowledge about COVID-19 and improve their diagnostic abilities through domestic and foreign academic exchanges.

We will do our best to fight infectious diseases and develop KSCM by closely communicating and cooperating with academic societies, governments, and companies related to infectious diseases.

Thank you.

2021. 01

Hae Kyung Lee M.D., Ph.D.

President, the Korean Society for Clinical Microbiology

On behalf of all members, I am pleased to greet you on our homepage.

Our society has a 33-year history since the establishment of the Korean Society of Clinical Microbiology in September 1998 with the predecessor of the Clinical Microbiology Research Meeting, which was launched in 1987. Clinical microbiology is one of the major fields of laboratory medicine pertaining the diagnosis of infectious diseases, and is a multidisciplinary study that covers infectious diseases, microbiology and parasitology, hospital epidemiology and infection control. The mission of our society is to “contribute to improving healthcare and medicine” through “clinical microbiology by focusing on the diagnosis of infectious diseases and infection control”. Therefore, our society is actively serving as a major academic organization that conducts academic conferences, publication of academic journals, and training of laboratory experts in the field of clinical microbiology. It also plays the role of laboratory experts at the national level to prepare for and respond to infectious disease epidemics of public concern.

As we go through more than a year as the COVID-19 pandemic, the first pandemic experienced in 100 years, each member is carrying out our mission on the frontline. The capabilities of our society that have been prepared over the past 33 years are showing their value with the world's top level of laboratory response to COVID-19 pandemic. As 2021 will be the year of overcoming COVID-19, our members are building scientific knowledge and evidence from the COVID-19 response and will apply it to advances in infectious disease diagnosis. These will lead the flourishing of clinical microbiological research.

Active exchange and friendship between members are the traditional basis of all these activities. All executives, including myself, will work together to achieve this mission. We ask for your continued interest and support so that the Korean Society of Clinical Microbiology can play a role in contributing to healthcare and medicine.

Thank you.


Mi-Na Kim M.D., Ph.D.

Chairperson of the board, the Korean Society of Clinical Microbiology